BISON BOWL – Large (24 oz)

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“Wisconsin Grass-Fed Organic Bison”

  • WHOLE hand-cut (not ground) lean organic BISON – Served MED-RAW, just the way your dog likes it
  • Higher in protein, very lean
  • Rich with ORGAN MEATS
  • FULL with nutritious wholesome veggies
  • NO PROCESSED ANYTHING, only natural whole food ingredients
  • Very low in fat, for sensitive GI tracts
  • Gluten Free, Grain Free

Although BISON has become quite popular recently, the wolf relatives of our canine friends have been enjoying this delicacy for quite some time. This naturally lean meat provides optimal nutrients for your dog. Packed with protein and having minimal fat, as well as boasting high levels of vitamins B12 (aiding in warding off mosquitos, fleas, ticks) and Zinc (a top antioxidant), this protein rich meat is great for all ages of your dog family.

Bison Loin & Bison Organs, Mexican Squash, Yellow Squash, Pumpkin, Baby Spinach, Chic Peas, Green Peas, Carrots, Kale, Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed, Canola Oil, Sea Kelp, Elemental Calcium, Turmeric

*Gluten Free, Grain Free, Chef sourced products, Made Local here in Los Angeles

Size: 15oz – Calorie Content: Kcal 45/oz – 720/lb

*100% Recyclable PET Plastic container, with 50% Recycled materials, BPA Free, Freezer safe


**Delivery Fee = $18 (select zip codes in Los Angeles County) **

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